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Techniques for playing motion set offense. Learn rules to motion offense in youth basketball in this free basketball coaching video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sean Hobson and right now we're talking about the motion offense. The particular motion that you see right now is called the "one in, four out" motion. Now, the rules to this motion are a lot simpler than other motions. Some motions have rules where if you pass to the wing, you always screen away, or if the ball comes down to the post you're going to screen down and there are different types of rules. In this one, the rules are very simple: we want to try to get the ball into the post. Now, the way that we're going to move the ball around the perimeter is this, the rule is: you never, ever follow the ball. We never want to see this guy make a pass to either wing and we never want him to follow where the ball is. The reason for that is because where he goes, his defender goes. So if his defender is following down here, now we've got two defenders on the ball. So we always want to have a pass and screen away situation. You also notice here, give the ball back to our point guard. This guy, the way he's going to get open in the motion is he's going to V-cut because he has no body over here on his side, but when he's coming up the court, if this guy can't open, it's very easy because there's two players over here. So what this guy is going to do is, he's going to set a screen down for this post player and allow him to pop up and get him open on the motion. So the key is, if you're not open, find somebody to screen and if you're on the side, you're going to V-cut. And then our post's responsibility is to get the ball, he's going to follow the ball. The main rule is to get this guy the ball. So, if the ball is over there, we want our post player to either flash up high post or flash up to the elbow and try to work. As the ball moves down then, we're going to move with the ball. The main rules are: don't follow the ball, set screens to get people open and get the ball into the post. And that's how you run the four out, one in motion.


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