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Keep your spine healthy and fit. Learn Stretching Exercise for Back in this free stretch workout and fitness video.

Part of the Video Series: Basic Stretching Exercises
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Video Transcript

So, for out final stretch I'm going to have us laying on our back. Again, feel free to expand on the stretch. If you want to stay down there longer, you're welcome to. So, we're going to extend our legs out and pull our abs in. And, I just want you to slowly roll yourself down all the way down to the floor. You're going to extend both legs to start and bring the arms to the sides of the body. Bring your left knee into your chest. Go ahead and give it a little bit of a stretch. And, I want you now to just relax that right leg. Ok. Don't worry about it being flexed. Just relax it. We're going to drop our left leg over. We're going to extend our left arm looking over our left shoulder. Abs are pulled in, deep breath. So, even on this stretch as you exhale you feel yourself going to deeper into the stretch. And, my abs are still pulled in. My right leg is straight. Deep breath. If you need to modify, you can bend that right knee just a little bit. And, them coming back to center extending that left leg straight. Bringing that right knee in, taking that left hand to the right knee as you drop over to left, looking over the right shoulder. Extending through the right arm. Deep breath here. Again, abs pull in. Remember, it's a little more difficult on these twists to breathe deep. So, really focus on that breath. Allow that neck to relax and just fall to one side. Feel the spine opening up on each exhale. And then slowly coming up, go ahead and lengthen that right leg. Place the arms to the sides of the body. And, if you'd like to just close your eyes to finish off your stretch and just relax and allow the breath to come back to normal.


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