How To Do Seated Rows

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Learn tips and advice on how to correctly do seated rows in your workout in this free weight training video clip.

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Video Transcript

Okay over here we are going to do what we call seated rows. Now seated rows are basically what it is when you sit down and you row. This works the lower part of your lats to get that V shape this upper part. This is going to work towards the lower part. So you want to work different angles upper and lower. Here we are going to work on the lower. You want to grab the bar here. Your feet are up and go as far back as you can without locking your knees out. Make sure your knees are bent. Remember you don't want to do this. You always want to keep them bent. It takes the pressure off your knees and lower back. Shoulders are relaxed as opposed to like this. You want to keep your shoulders relaxed. Start from here. Go down and feel the stretch. You don't have to go down too far. Bring it up. Come to upright and bring it here to your lower stomach with elbows tucked in. So you don't want to go like this. You're going to mess up your lower back. You don't want to do that. Make sure you knees are always bent. So not like this keep them bent. Feel the stretch. Don't shrug again your shoulders are relaxed. You bring it up elbows close to your body up to here, upright. Bring it down in one motion. Make sure you keep breathing again. I'm working on the lats to get the V shape back on my side and back. You'll see them there. Your biceps. That's a good question, your biceps. Look at my biceps and you will see them working. See that. The primary muscle group here is the lat, Latissimus dorsi, the second biggest muscle group after your foot. The maximus, gluteus maximus, here we go. Pull it in. You're not here buddy, you're here. Bring it up. Slowly down all one movement. Keep breathing. Make sure you bring it all the way up and touch your stomach, lower stomach. Not here, but down here and bring it down. Feel the stretch.


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