Making Ganache for a Yule Log Recipe

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Learn how to make ganache for a Yule log cake with expert cooking tips in this free holiday desserts recipe video on making Yule log.

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Video Transcript

I'm going to show you how to make a ganache. A ganache is simply a filling and frosting made from chocolate and heavy cream. We're going to start with six ounces of semi sweet chocolate. You can use chocolate chips as I have here or your favorite chocolate just chopped up into small pieces. Put that chocolate into a bowl and set it aside. Then we're going to take one cup of heavy cream and add it to a sauce pan. We're going to heat that cream until it gets bubbling hot and you see small bubbles appear around the side. The bubbles are starting to appear around the edge. You want to make sure it's good and hot so when we pour it over the chocolate it will melt. OK. That's scalding milk. Hot, bubbling milk. Going over to the chocolate and we're going to let it stand for five minutes. Alright, after five minutes, we're going to give the chocolate and the cream a stir until it's smooth. For this I like to use my flat whisk, so that we can fully incorporate. Give it a good stir, making sure all your chocolate and cream are mixed together. It's really, really runny. You need to have some time to set it aside so it sets up. When it's fully incorporated, it will look like this. Chocolate and gooey. Set it aside until it becomes the consistency of frosting. This will take a while and if you'd like to speed it up, you can use your refrigerator. Checking it every fifteen minutes and giving it a stir. You want it cold, but not solid.


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