How to Install Brake Calipers

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Learn how to install brake calipers on your car with expert auto maintenance tips in this free car repair video clip.

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Video Transcript

In this clip we are going to talk about the proper way to install your brake caliper. Once you have the pads and everything mounted, the brake caliper is pretty straight forward. You want to make sure that you don't twist this brake hose. You should be able to follow one of the ribs all the way around the corner and it shouldn't revolve over. If you twist this line, that will cause friction inside this hose. The master cylinder will generate enough pressure to push past the restriction. However, the small seal that is used to return your caliper piston is not strong enough to squeeze the pressure back through the restriction. This brake will stay locked up, cause excessive heat and some drive ability issues. Once you make sure that it is not twisted, it's pretty straight forward, you align the caliper eye with its mounting stud, just give it a little wiggle and a squeeze. You want to make sure to seat that boot in its retaining ring. So you can see down there the boot stays where we put it. It's got a little groove on that stud that the lip of that boot grips onto. That will keep water and contamination out of that mechanical portion. Once you have that done, it's just a matter of rocking the caliper down into place. You want to slide your bottom mounting bolt in, give it a wiggle and always start this by hand. The trouble you'll get if you just dive into it with a ratchet and stripping out this hull isn't worth the time. You will have to take it in and have it machined and retapped. It requires the services of a professional mechanic. Go ahead and switch my ratchet over to tighten and we will run this bolt right down. They don't need to be extremely tight. The factory specification is going to be in the neighborhood of about 30 inch pounds. There is contact and we'll go about a quarter turn after contact. That's it! That's all the tighter they need to be. These aren't a hardened bolt so you got to be easy on them otherwise you will strip the head out if you try to over tightening them but that is the proper way to remount your caliper.


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