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Facebook is one of the most well-liked social media sites on the Internet. The website offers its users a great platform to socialize among themselves and make friendship and activity partners. If you are new to Facebook then you may find some problems finding friends on Facebook. For this you need to do a search with the name of the friends you want to find. After that you need to send them an invitation. Once they see the invitation, they need to click on the invitation an accept you as a friend. However, they may also reject your invitation if they do not want to add you in their friend list. Once accept you as friend, you will see the friends listed in your Facebook friend list. Similarly you will also be added to the friend list of your friends.You can find and add friends on in a few steps described in this free educational video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Melissa Schenk on behalf of Expert Village. Today we're talking about Facebook and some of its useful applications. Now, in this segment let's talk about friends and how to search for them. Of course there so many features as part of friends, so let's take a look at each of them individually. Back on your profile page it's time to find your friends, so to the right hand side of profile at the top of the screen, click on friends. You'll notice this is where your list of friends will pop up. Now if you haven't got any friends yet signed up on your profile, click the little arrow to the right of that. Here you'll notice it says status update, this is going to update you on the status of whether your friends are online, recently updated profiles by your friends or recently added friends. If you hit all friends, all of your friends are going to pop up on this list, you can also invite them to things, but for now let's click on find friends. When you want to find friends, one of the easiest ways to do so is to type in your email address @ whatever it is, maybe it's hotmail and put in your email password and then click on that find friends page. What that's going to do basically is go into your home email or whatever email you've given them and your address book is going to invite as many friends as you want. You'll be able to click on and off who you would like to invite, this is one way to find friends. Now, let's see how we can also or another way we can search for friends. You'll notice to the left hand side of the screen where it says search, you can search pretty much for anything, but you can also search for friends. So for instance, let's type in Melissa Schenk and see what comes up. There I am! Now you'll see with the results all of the Melissa Schenk's are going to pop up here. Now if we were to, let's say want to be friends with the Melissa Schenk right below me, you can either add to friends, that's going to invite them or you can view her friends, you can poke her and you can even send her a message. So now, go find yourself all of your friends. Once you've finished with the friends feature, you've perhaps added some new ones, invited some friends, now let's have a look right next door to the networks.


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