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Bachelors in bachelor auctions face a variety of hurdles and obstacles, get tips and advice for bachelors in this free video.

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We're up to key number 14, which is how to prepare your bachelors for the night of the event. Let's go through some quick overviews. One; a dress code. If you have a dress code or certain attire that you would like all the gentlemen to come in such as a suit or at least with a tie, then make sure that you give them that ahead of time. A bachelor might be uncomfortable if he feels underdressed among his peers. Next, what time they need to be there and how long they should anticipate needing to stay throughout the evening. You want to make sure that your bachelors are available to your guest and to your cause as much as you will need them. Next, the schedule and flow of the event. I would provide this in written form. You want to give them as much information as possible to feel comfortable. Remember, most of them have never been a bachelor in a bachelor auction and they're going to be a little nervous regardless of what they say. Next, suggestions for what to do. This is how to mingle or what they should be doing at different times. Give them expectations about how you think the evening will go. It's also important to tell them what not to do. For instance, don't spend all your time with one possible bidder no matter how attractive and captivating she may be. In order to have a successful auction, you have to have at least two who compete to win, so make sure that they intrigue as many ladies as possible during the mingling time. Next, make sure you set out guidelines about how far to be risky whether or not that's appropriate. We have see one bachelor auction and it was appropriate for that group, but certainly, there were a lot more than ties that came off and that's not appropriate for every bachelor auction. Keep in mind that you let them ahead of time how far is too far. Next, they should be prepared to answer questions. They might have filled out their biography and not remember what their favorite movies that they listed or the quote that they say, so send the bachelors over to the display area to familiarize themselves with what they said because women will be asking them for the trivia contest. Next, remind them to generate higher bids through the ways that we've discussed; mingling, talking with more than one woman, and really just trying to make those connections so that more women bid. More bids equals more money for your bachelor auction.


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