How to Clip Matted Cat Hair

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How to clip out matted hair from a cat's coat in this free feline dental health video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Groom Long Haired Cats
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Video Transcript

Hi! I am Carolyn and I am going to demonstrate how to get mats out of a severely matted cat by clipping and most of them are very agreeable to this. Most of them are real still for it because it feels so good coming off. She is so badly matted. You have to find a starting spot which is some skin like you can’t just start up here because it won’t do. You find a place where there is skin and use that brushing technique so that you do not cut. Remember straight down the back and then like an arrowhead on the side. We are going to come to that deadly dangerous spot on the rear end, so I am hoping that she is good. If you notice I am doing things with my fingers; I am tightening the skin and I do not know why cats do not like their rear end messed with. Some times you do need help, like your husband and your friend. I would strongly urge not kids because this is a serious thing for them. There is only one blade that you need and that is #10. Always feel to see if it is getting too warm and even though you think it might not be chances, are it is because the cat’s skin is very, very thin and if you clipper burn them, they will turn real red and then they will start licking it and then you got an infection going in and there you go to the vet. You know a clipper burn is very hard to get rid of.


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