How to Decorate Christmas Garland With Ribbon

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Decorating Christmas garland with ribbon is something that you can also do with other elements like pine cones. Decorate Christmas garland with ribbon with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Krayl Funch, and this is decorating Christmas garland with ribbon. Today, we're gonna be talking about how can you take fantastic garland, which may or may not have these pine cones on it, or have any real decorations, and bring it to life. Now I am lucky enough that this one has pine cones, and little bit of variation, but you may have just a plain old green garland that you want to decorate, and you want to add a little bit of pizzazz to. So what we're gonna do is start with a, this is 5 yards of ribbon. And that will fit most standard lengths of garland. And we're gonna start by bunching it up and leaving a little bit at the end, okay? So you can just bunch it up, try not to roll it together, really bunch it together so it adds a little, it's nicely done. Start with some of it right at the end, and instead of using floral wire here, what we're gonna actually do is use the pieces of the garland to wrap around the ribbon. Now you can just tie it real quick, just like that, and you can see how this bunches up right at the end. You start to move down, now again, bunch it up so that you have some nice volume here. You don't want to do it too tight onto the garland. Again, using the leaves, just wind those around, starts to add really nice texture. You're gonna keep moving down this length of garland and adding these pieces. Now garland can be used around doorways, but it can be also used on a mantel above a bookcase, or perhaps along a buffet if you're entertaining. Okay. So you're gonna keep moving down, as you go, just making sure to bunch it, and use the different leaves to hold it in place. Now if your leaves aren't quite as long enough, you can use green floral ribbon to keep it in place. Okay? So now once you have moved that down, and you've done the entire length of that one garland, we're gonna come back and add a second layer. And this is where you can really have a little bit more fun. I'm gonna use a red sort of shimmery ribbon for this situation, but you can use any color, or you could leave it plain like this, you could use this more as a woodland rustic Christmas decoration. So, but if you're going to layer it on, again, leave that same length, leave a little bit of a tail, and just tie those ones that you just used right back on top. Alright? Now, when you're, when you go to hang this, you won't really be able to see the cut that you wound these around, it will just look really very nice and even. Alright, so again, keeping a little bit of movement, keeping it pretty flowy, and tie them around. You can use multiple layers of ribbon. I would say, you know, depending upon the color, you can just mix them in, you can make them a little bit more fun. You could use them decorate your children's room, so you could use polka dots, or maybe tin soldiers, that type of thing. So you just want to keep moving down. When you get to the end, you're gonna go ahead and snip this off so that you have both lengths are about the same length. I'm Krayl Funch, and this has been decorating Christmas garland with ribbon.


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