How Can I Make the Moon for a 3-D Project?

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Making the moon for a 3-D project is something that you can easily do out of paper mache. Make the moon for a 3-D project with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Linda Facci of Facci Designs. And today, we're going to make a 3-D project of the moon. So, I'm going to do that out of paper mache, which is just a mixture of flour and water. So, I'm going to add, put a little flour in my bowl, add a little water and I'm going to make a paste. Now, you can add a little white glue to this, if you need it to be stronger. But for a lightweight planter, I don't think it's necessary. Now, you want this mixture to be kind of like a thinned out pancake batter. Not as thick as frosting, but more like yeah, pancake batter. You can always add more water. always add more flour, just have some fun. So, you're going to need a round balloon, which is not easy to find. So, what you can do is, just blow up a balloon until it's a round shape. Just don't blow it up all the way, because you'll get more of an egg shape. So, just blow up the balloon three quarters of the way. So, I have my balloon in a cup here. And for the moon, you can use old shopping bags, they're about, they're almost the color of the moon. Or you can use gray construction paper if you had it. You don't want to use newspapers, unless you're going to give it a whole coat of paint on top of it. But why go that extra mile when you could just do it with this paper. So, I'm going to dip it into my mixture, get it all over. It's a fun project to do with the kids. And start layering, whoa, start layering your balloon with strips of paper. Alright, and overlap them, you don't want any gaps. So, you want to overlap your strips of paper. O.k., alright, so you're going to do your whole balloon like that.And you probably want to give it another layer, you don't have to wait for the first layer to dry, just go right over it. But before you're finished with that, you'll want to create a hook or a loop. So your moon has something to hang from. Alright, so what I've done here, is you can get a piece of wire or maybe uncurl a paperclip. So, you make a little loop, give it a twist and then, lay it down. You can even like kind of, put it underneath the paper, or just lay it on top and then, glue a few more pieces of paper right on top of that wire, like that. Now, you don't want this to be too smooth, because remember the moon has lots of craters and stuff. So, you want that effect. Alright, so let's imagine the entire balloon wad done, what you'll end up with, now this is going to take at least overnight to dry. You could leave it out in the sun, if you wanted to, to dry faster. Alright, so you're going to end up with something like this. Now, what you might want to do is, actually indent it in a couple of places to create, create those craters, like that, o.k. Now, I think this looks like the moon without it being painted, but let's give it some, let's give it a little bit of color. So, let's go in there with a little black and a little white, maybe get a little bit more gray. So, you want to paint your moon with a gray color and then, go back over it with a damp sponge. And you start to wipe away some of that paint. See and that paint gets into the craters and gives it dimension. So, you could even do the whole project with the sponge, you know, I think the kids would have a lot of fun. And you can do something like that and just go back over it with some white paint or add a little bit more water, wipe it off. I think that looks like the moon. Well, this is Linda Facci of Facci Designs, and I hope you have fun making a paper mache moon, bye-bye.


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