How to Make Nail Polish Look Smooth

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Making nail polish look smooth is all about what types of polish you use and how you apply them. Make nail polish look smooth with help from a beauty and makeup professional in this free video clip. - Sponsor Content from L'Oreal

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Carla Kay, Celebrity Manicurist. Today, I'm going to show you how to keep nail polish smooth. So, one of the main key points to keeping the nail polish from getting clumpy, you always want to make sure you have a base coat because if you don't have a base coat, you apply that first coat, that can give it a thick, kind of clumpy feel to it. And just make sure you don't over apply, make sure you wipe the brush and just use a little bit of polish. That first coat, even if it comes out kind of streaky, don't worry, second application is going to be smooth and beautiful. I've already applied a base coat, so now, I'm going to start off with my first coat of Merino Cool by Essie. So, I'm rolling the bottle just so I can kind of mix up the colors and make sure it's even when I apply my first coat. You don't want to shake because if you over-shake, you're going to actually create air bubbles and then, when you apply, you're going to see little divots of air bubbles in the polish. So, when you're applying the polish to avoid it getting clumpy, you want to do nice even strokes. So, you don't want to overload the brush because you actually want to be able to get a nice even coverage. And if it's a little bit streaky, don't worry 'cause the second coat you can always get a better coverage. Just make sure you're not overloading the brush with your application. Another thing is you don't want to use nail polish that could be like a year old because actually the, the polish will be too heavy and thick and you'll get all the little air bubbles. I wouldn't recommend thinning out a nail polish after a year. I would just get a new bottle. A lot of women keep their polish forever, but you actually want to replace your polishes, I would say after about twelve months. So, as you can see, I have a little mistake here and if you get a clump, you just want to gently dab your finger with a little bit of remover and then just stroke 'till you get like a little smooth finish. And then when you reapply the next coat, you won't even see that, it'll color a nice smooth coverage. So, with this first coat, it's kind of a medium coverage; I wouldn't suggest just one coat, I'm actually going to apply a second coat so I get a nice, rich even coverage. You can actually see through some of the polish on my first coat. So, that's why it's important to do a second coat with this color. You can see already with the second coat, how peg I'm getting on the second coat. So, one final point about the application with applying nail polish is Essie actually has a great brush; it's not real thick. It's actually the perfect size and actually the, the length of the brush helps too because then you're not over-applying and I just love how thin the, the actual brush part is for application. And that's how to make nail polish look smooth. I'm Carla Kay, thanks for watching.


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