How to Do Gargoyle Makeup

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Gargoyles are stone statues, so doing gargoyle makeup will place an emphasis on a sculpted look. Do gargoyle makeup with help from an experienced makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Welcome class to Meganomics 101. Today's makeup vice is on a Gargoyle look. I've already put his ears on. I made these myself. I took some clay and I just sculpted this, it took me like five minutes, sculpted them and put some liquid latex on them, put some Pros-aid on his face and glued them. That's a whole other tutorial but for the sake of this, I'm just showing you how to paint the Gargoyle. I'm using Boleto airbrush makeup and I'm just going to start spraying. The airbrush makeup is not going to last too long on the actual prosthetic piece. I'm just going to paint his whole face and his ears. Okay, then I'm going to go in with a darker color. I'm going to use stardust as my contour. And I'm going to turn it up just probably midway and I'm going to go down the contours of his cheeks. You can use whatever medium you want. For demonstration's sake I'm really just showing you the contour, the colors and what you can do for your own Gargoyle makeup in making these things but if you really wanted to get hard core you would take Pros-aid and you would keep blending and drying it until it blended in with the skin so you didn't see the demarcation lines. You can also just keep painting to deflect the lines but really just these lines, oh my God, just these lines, furl your brow again, these lines are what help to make a disturbed demon Gargoyle soul. This is my quick interpretation of a Gargoyle makeup. Class dismissed.


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