How to Decorate the Ceiling With Balloons

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Decorating the ceiling with balloons requires a balloon, a piece of paper, a ribbon and some other things. Decorate the ceiling with balloons with help from the President and Head Designer at KM Design Studio in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ken Maccarone from, and today I'm going to show you how to decorate your ceiling with balloons. When throwing a party and you have all of your guests it's important to tell them how much you appreciate them being there. I have a great idea that's going to make it simple and easy for your guests to know how much you do appreciate them. All you're going to need is a balloon, a piece of paper with a message, some ribbon and a Sharpie marker. It's simple and easy and it's also something interactive for your guest. Well, first thing is, is to write some messages like welcome to my party or thanks that you came. All you want to do is fold it up and tuck it right inside your balloon. Once it's inside of your balloon you're going to go ahead and blow it up. Now your message is right inside there. It's time to see how the guests are going to get them out. Well how do you do that? Take your Sharpie marker and leave them directions. Whether it be lets see what's inside or maybe it's something like pop me. These are going to be great things for your party for everybody to see what to do. Once you write on them all you want to do is take some ribbon, which you've cut to a desired link so that they're about eye level. As your guests roam around the room they'll see the messages like pop me or let's see what's inside. When they do so they're going to go ahead and they're going to have a great message from you. It's always important to tell your guests how important they are to you and why it's important they came. And it's a great, fun, and interesting way for them to do that. And always remember what type of party it is. If it's a kids party get creative and be colorful. Different color ribbon and balloons like I have here. A red balloon and hot pink ribbon. This is great for a little girls party. Or maybe it's over the hill. Use white and black balloons with white and black ribbon, and it's a great way to add a great style to your party and let your guests know how they are appreciated. I'm Ken Maccarone, and that's how you decorate your ceiling with balloons.


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