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Cinnamon roll recipes commonly use a few very important ingredients, like vanilla and eggs. Get cinnamon roll recipes with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Angie from Angie's Southern Kitchen. And today, we're going to learn how to make cinnamon roll recipes. I have made my dough in my dough machine. And in this recipe, it calls for one cup of water, three tablespoon so butter, one teaspoon of vanilla, one large egg, one teaspoon of salt, three-fourths cup of sugar and three and one-third cups of bread flour, and three teaspoons of yeast. And I've put it in the bread machine, and it has done the whole cycle. And after the cycle has been completed, then I have this dough here. And I've just rolled it out for just saving time sake,and it's about half of an inch thick. And once I've rolled this out, then I take half a stick of butter, and I put the butter all over the bread,and you're only going to need one. You're not going to eat the whole, like if I say, oh, look at all that butter, that's what makes it good, right. And it also makes your cinnamon sugar stick to your bread. I put one-third cup of sugar in here, and two teaspoons of cinnamon and then, I just put the lid on and just shake it up and then, it disperses very well. And I sprinkle it all on, it's lot of cinnamon sugar that if you don't put that much, it doesn't turn out very good, I've found. And sprinkle those on and we're going to make like a s'more cinnamon roll, and these will be really good. Because you know, s'mores have like, graham cracker crust, which has like the cinnamon sugar on it and chocolate chips. And then, these are little baby marshmallows. And then, once you get all your ingredients inside the bread, you're going to take your dough and roll it up. And I cut generally the last few off and use those just for the cooks to eat later. And I like to cut these, probably I would say, this is about half an inch to an inch thick. And you want to kind of stay consistent with your size, so that they all will look uniformed in the pan and cook evenly. O.k., now, we've gotten both of these cut and put together. These are the s'mores with the marshmallows and the chocolate and this is just the regular with the cinnamon sugar. We're going to let them rise, until they're almost double in size. And once they double in size, we're going to put them in the oven at 350 and bake them about 20 minutes, until they're lightly golden brown on top. And then, we'll make some icing for them. This is one and one-fourth cups of 10X powdered sugar that's been sifted and also, I've put in here one teaspoon of corn syrup and then, I have one teaspoon of vanilla with vanilla beans in there. And then, I have two teaspoons, tablespoons, I'm sorry, of unsalted butter, and two tablespoons of heavy cream. And then, I have just a little bit whole milk here, because sometimes you need it, it needs to be thinned up just a little bit. So, we're going to start by putting our corn syrup in, with the vanilla bean, the vanilla bean adds a lot of flavor to it. And then, our melted butter, and this is our heavy cream. And you want to mix up good, and add a little bit at a time, because once you add too much, you can't go back. And this consistency is pretty good because you're going to be putting it on hot cinnamon rolls, and you want it to kind of melt down into the cinnamon rolls. You want it like a soft butter consistency,and that's your icing. Again, this is Angie from Angie's Southern Kitchen,and you just learned how to make cinnamon roll recipes.


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