Pectoral Exercises While Standing

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You can do pectoral exercises in many different locations, even while you're just standing around. Do pectoral exercises while standing with help from a fitness and physical therapy professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, welcome back to the Cave Cam. I'm Coach PJ at CPJ Fitness in San Diego, California. Today, I'm going to show you standing pectoral exercises. Alright, today I'm going to show you a standing variation to doing the chest press. Get in a cable unit like this, attach a straight bar like this and instead of being on our backs or declined, we'll be standing today targeting the pec muscles. Grab the straight bar, have a comfortable resistance on the cables. You're going to stride forward with a split staggered stance. You're going to counter balance forward because the cables are going to want to pull you back naturally so you're going to need to lean forward just a little bit. Get the bar at about chest height and you're just going to drive straight forward, exhale out, inhale in, blow out, just like this and you want to make sure your arms are at shoulder height. You don't want it low like this coming back like this and you don't want to be coming up like this either. You want to be straight horizontal. You would line the cable height with your height and your shoulders on your lean. I've got this right where it needs to hit, right across the pecs. A great way to do the chest press while standing, good luck. Once again, I'm Coach PJ at CPJ Fitness, and I just showed you pectoral exercises while standing.


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