Exercises for Leg Stimulation at a Desk

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You can do a variety of different leg stimulation exercises while you're sitting at a regular desk in your home or at work. Learn about exercises for leg stimulation you can do at a desk with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Madison Chase, and today we're going to talk about exercises that stimulate circulation in your legs while you are sitting at your desk. So if you are actually sitting at your desk, the first thing I want you to start with is actually just relaxing. So let's do a couple of shoulder rolls first, right, rotate those shoulder blades back, let's rotate those shoulder blades going forward. It's kind of like a little mini warmup and relaxation all at the same time while you are at your desk. So I want you to start by just tapping your toes off the ground, so getting those heels off the ground and one, now let's take our right leg off the ground. All I want you to do is take that leg, so your leg is kind of off the ground. It's almost like doing an unassisted leg extension. So you are just kicking that leg, you can see my quad is really flexed, right? Let's do five more right here, four, you can relax that foot, three, and no one would ever know what you are doing underneath your desk right? Last three, two, and one. Now let's do some toe raises right here. So you're going to lift those toes off the ground. This is from my ballet days with Julliard and Fort Worth Ballet and Houston Ballet and the best high school in the world, Arts Magnet in Dallas, Texas. Let's raise our heels up, raising those heels right here. So we're doing a little bit of your anterior calves right here. So getting those toes towards your nose, let's go ten more, nine, eight, using those abs, seven, six, standing tall, five, four, three, two, and one. So, that's my variation of leg stimulation exercises while sitting at your desk. I'm Madison Chase and I hope you get these exercises and really use them and relax at your desk and stimulate your legs at the same time.


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