Exercises for Upper Back Relaxation

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Certain exercises are great for helping you relax your upper back in a much more natural way. Learn about exercises for upper back relaxation with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Madison Chase, and today we're going to talk about upper back relaxation exercises. So the first one we're going to do is I actually want you to find a chair that has a back to support your back, your entire spine. So what I want you to think about is actually to relax. That's one of the hardest things for us to do right? So you're going to put your back and your whole spine up against your chair and all I want you to do is your spine is going to stay in one line. So we're going to take our body and twist, gently using the back hand to twist your body and let your spine and your head follow. Let's count to 15 seconds and relax back to the front, bring your hands to your knees to start and we're going to go to the other side, 15 seconds, keeping your spine as straight as you can and using your abs and back to the center. Now my favorite exercise, we're going to drop to the ground, safely onto your knees. You want your shoulders and your wrist in one line and you want your knee and your hip in one line and we're going to pretend like we're a cat. You know how cats stretch. So you're going to inhale your belly, think about getting your belly button to your spine, put your chin to your chest and now we're going to do the opposite of that movement and flex back, relax those shoulders down. Some people like to call this a cat and then here's your cow stretch. I think more of a dog stretch is probably more efficient. And that is two different upper back relaxation exercises. I'm Madison Chase and I'll see you for the next one.


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