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There are many different types of lip glosses available for you to choose from depending on the exact look that you're going for. Find out about types of lip glosses with help from a 30-year beauty industry veteran in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tracey Brown. I'm a beauty expert. I have about 30 years of industry experience in makeup, skin care and also as a trainer. I'm currently a writer, a beauty journalist. I have a great website, BlingingBeauty.com where you can read more about my tips and advice. Our topic today is different types of lip glosses. So the shelf of lip glosses you know they'll run from budget brands to prestige brands. There's all types of applicators, types of formulas. So I'll show you a few that are my favorites that I love and happen to use. So let's start with lip plumping glosses. Vapor is an organic brand, makes a wonderful plumping gloss. It's sheer, it has a brush applicator, which is very nice for getting great precision and you have a really mild plumping effect with that one. Another I love by Soap and Glory, sexy mother pucker, a name in particular is also has a wand and is sheer as well and you can instantly feel this lip gloss working to give you that full lip kind of sting that comes with it. But again a really nice sheer lip gloss for the plumping effect. And one that gives you a ton of volume it's by Two Faced. It's called lip injection extreme and this you can actually feel it working is clear so you put it on and your lips because of the plumping effect actually will turn it a little pink and you can actually feel your lips getting larger. I've used this myself and it really works. Another type of lip gloss that I love are some that are a little more opaque. They're almost like a lipstick. They have a little more color, they're a little more dense and those two run from a budget brands you can find in your drugstore to more prestige brands. So NYX, one of my favorite brands has some that give you that really thick almost lipstick application but it's a gloss. So you have a pink one as you can see, a lot more skin shows through. It's really more of an opaque inclusive color with the NYX. And then also Butter London has branched out into lippies, lip glosses. They're known for their nail polishes. But this one in particular I love. It's a nude, and again has a real nice consistency and it's opaque. The skin barely shows through on it. So get that same effect on your lip almost like a lip gloss but has a shine, like a lipstick you have the shine of a lip gloss. And this is one of the prestige end finance. It's from two stores like that. And probably my favorite category of lip gloss would be organic brands because I'm kind of an organic girl when it comes to skin care and makeup. I really like those and there are several brands out there that I use regularly. One of them is Tarte and they have got these really cute lip glosses that pump from the bottom. Give it a little pumping action, comes out, it's like a brush applicator to get exact precision application when you put it on your lips and you get plenty of color. This particular one is almost nail pick family. They have other ones that are a little bit more sheer. Josie Maran is another one in the organic family. This is really pretty. We have actually used it for wedding lips. It's got a little bit of shimmer to it. So you can see that one as well. Jane Iredell, they're an organic brand. I love her little mini mini tubes. These are great when you're going out. Stick them in your purse, a little clutch. Don't have to worry about carrying too much around. They too have the small wand applicator and a sheer consistency. A little bit of shimmer. You want organic lips, it's a great one to go to. Exactly. And my last but not least organic brand I love is Bite Beauty and theirs come on, this is really genius, the applicator is almost formed like your lip so when you put it on it goes on really beautifully in the right shape and application is really gorgeous. And so that's a little variety when it comes to organic lip glosses. Now there are also lip glosses that come in different forms like Benefit makes these in a tube that you squeeze out. Applicator. I'm wearing this myself. Goes around the lips. Super easy to apply. They're sheer, sparkly and these have matching blushes to go with them too, so kind of fun if you want to match your makeup that way. And then of course we've got budget brands. One I love, find them at drugstores, Malani. They' have these little tiny ones as well which are great for throwing in your purse, taking out when you go out in the evening and they have a sheer application. Very pretty. Coral is one of my favorites. So talking about prices from live five bucks to maybe 25 bucks for a lip gloss but kind of depends on what you're looking for and so if you find what you like, I think it's worth it for the splurge. So we have a different variety of lip glosses. My name is Tracey. If you have anymore questions about lip glosses or anything about makeup feel free to email me at Tracey@blingingbeauty.com.


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