How to Get Muscular by Doing Chin-Ups

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One tried but true method of getting muscular is by doing chin-ups in the right way. Get muscular by doing chin-ups with help from a respected health and dance minister in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is SwayFit with with 2 t's that's, and I'm here to demonstrate how do you get muscular by doing chin-ups. Well first I like to say this is one of my favorite and it was the staple of my back routine to prepare for my figure competitions. I say the chin up is what squats are to the legs, chin-ups is for your upper body development. So I'm gonna demonstrate 2 different variations here. I'm gonna demonstrate a neutral grip with my hands together and I'm going to demonstrate a grip with that's supinated with my hands facing me. Showing the modified version is Penny Reinhart, she is gonna be doing the chin-up in a neutral grip and she's gonna be doing it in a supinated grip. I like to make a distinguishing difference here. This is going to work the pulling muscles which is your biceps and your back. Okay, this is different if she would turn her hand over in a pronated grip. This is gonna target more of the lats but because shes doing a supinated grip this is gonna target more of the biceps in this part of your back. Okay, go ahead and demonstrate, and you want to make sure you get a full extension from your bottom motion to bring your back into play. If you cut it short, cut it short a little bit Penny, then you're just targeting the biceps. Okay you can go back to a, there you go. Alright good, now Penny is in a neutral grip, that's palms together which puts her biceps in a direct line of pull so most people are stronger in this position right here. That looks good and then Penny I want you to look up at the ceiling as you pull up, good that's to isolate it a little bit more. You seen the advanced version and you've seen the modified version and that is how you we get muscular by doing chin-ups.


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