The Significance of 108 in Kundalini Yoga

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108 is a very significant number in the realm of Kundalini yoga. Find out more about the significance of 108 in Kundalini yoga with help from a certified yoga teacher and healer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lola from Yoga Lola Studios, and I'm here today to talk a little bit about the significance of the number 108 in Kundalini Yoga. I get asked that question a lot. People see that number floating around and they're like what is 108, what's the big deal about 108? Well depending on where you are coming from, whether you are Hindu or you are Jane or you are Seek or you're just a yogi like I am, the answer is different. So for me, with Kundalini Yoga, the answer lies in the fact that there are 108 meridians that lead to the heart center and those meridians to the heart center can be stroked and opened by doing something that's called Mantra which is a sound vibrations that you make that really resonate with the heart center. And when we're doing Mantras, we do 108 of them so that we stroke every one of those merdians in the heart center and we use what looks like a necklace, it's called a mala and they're all different kinds of malas and these have 108 beads on them and so to get to the magical number of 108 Mantras you sit and as you do the Mantra you just count on the beads, there's lots of different ways to hold the beads, some ways are more formal than others and so you just count through the Mantras until you get to 108 and once you reach that magical number and you've chanted 108 Mantras, you have opened up the whole heart center. So I hope that helps to answer your question about what is the significance of the number 108 in Kundalini Yoga. So thank you very much for joining us. I look forward to seeing you next time. Setna.


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