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Ab shape-up exercises are great for sculpting your abdominals in a very basic and straightforward way. Learn about ab shape-up exercises with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello. This is Bill Victor from VictorFitnessSystems.com, and I'm here today to talk to you a little bit about abdominal sculpting. When we talk about the abdominals one of the common misconceptions that people feel like they need to do endless situps in order to get desirable abdominal muscles. And that's just not the case. In fact, there are many different directions and methods of working your abdominal muscles. What I'm going to show you today is going to be what we're going to, well we're going to start in what's called an ab knee plank and we're going to bring the knee to the opposing elbow and twist. So you really make great use of those muscles used for torsion or twisting called your obliques. The second movement I'm going to teach you today is going to involve just sitting up and doing a counter punching with some very light dumbbells that are going to force you in to twisting though your abdominal muscles and again help sculpt those abs for the beach season. The first movement is going to start off with a plank position and we're going to go ahead and lock our body out and then what we're going to do is we're going to bring our opposite knee to our opposite elbow. So we'll be pulling and twisting but we're not hitting the ground and twisting. We'll start in a plank position or a static plank where your arms are locked. We'll twist, bring that knee and twist again. This constant twisting really works the abs in two directions. One, from the crunch perspective and the second from the twisting or using the oblique perspective. The second movement all you need really is a set of light weights and a bed frame or something to put your feet underneath. What I'm going to do here is put my feet underneath this piece of angle iron. I've got two very light dumbbells and I'm going to start off laying back and I'm going to sit up and just punch and twist across my body. Every time I come up I punch and turn the hips in the opposite direction. Sit up, twist, punch, sit up, twist, punch. Remember the abdominal muscles don't require you to do endless sit ups to get your desired result. This is Bill Victor from Victor Fitness Systems wishing you a good workout.


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