How to Journal With a NOOK Color

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The NOOK Color allows you to keep a digital journal using one of a few specific applications. Learn how to journal with a NOOK Color with help from an electronics expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Zach, and today I'm going to talk to you about journaling in you Nook for free. Now let's say you are Mr. Money Bags. What you can do actually is go to your apps down here, hit shop all, search shop for Notes, or you know what, better yet, let's look for Journal. There are a lot of apps that are like diaries that require pass codes for you to get into them and others. And now you can see here Fivedom has a pretty good app called Journal. I'm going to click on it and as you can see it's one dollar. That's 66 percent off if what it normally is. So that's a pretty good deal. Now if you're a broke college kid like me you can actually do this right on your Internet. So what I'm going to have you do is download Puffin Web Browser. Now I already have Puffin Web Browser downloaded, so I'm just going to select it and I'm going to go to a Google search. Now in the Google search look up Zoho, z o h o. And hit search. Now with my Google results I see the first one. It says more than 6 million users work on line with Zoho. And then I see Zoho Writer. So, I'm going to hit Zoho Writer. And it brought me right into it. Since I'm already logged in it brought me into the Zoho Writer. And the reason I do this on Puffin is because the internal browser on your Nook actually doesn't have what you need to use Zoho Writer. It's not a good enough update for it. So, down here in the corner I'm going to hit the keyboard and I can type away. Hello. My name is Walter. It's not really, but I'm just jouraling right now. So we have, Hello, my name is Walter right there and there you go. You're already logged in, you already have your Zoho going. Everything's ready to do. The good thing about Zoho is you can use your Google account, your Yahoo account and I heard a random rumor saying that Facebook will be able to log into it soon. That's it from me. My name's Zach, and I just showed you how to journal in your Nook for free. Thanks for watching.


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