Fast & Easy Hairstyles for Women With Thick & Wavy Hair

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Styling your thick and wavy hair doesn't have to take all afternoon. Learn about fast and easy hairstyles for women with thick and wavy hair with help from an experienced and accomplished hairdresser in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Claire. I'm a hairdresser, I'm going to show you a fast and easy way to style your hair when it's thick and wavy. So, the products that we're going to use for this, I'm going to use a defining cream for your, a defining wave cream and I'm also going to use a texture spray that has a light wax in it, basically these are products are going to calm your hair down, a lot of thick and wavy hair tends to be frizzy, so this is going to kind of help it, take it down without feeling like you have too much product on your hair and that you can't touch it. So, basically we're just going to take some sections, it can be large sections and I'm just going to brush through and make it's nice and smooth and I'm going to take the defining wave cream and just about a pea size per section maybe even smaller than that depending on how much hair you have, run it through your hands and just kind of rake it through with your fingers and we're just going to go through all the sections of your hair. And just make sure that you get all of your hair this will really help to define the waves of your hair and then you can scrunch a little bit, smooth it out, scrunch it, smooth it out. Just kind of helps to clean your hair of frizz, anything that is sticking out. Wavy hair also tends to be on the dry side so it'll help put a little bit of moisture in to your hair and it'll calm it down a little bit. We also can use a texture spray, I'm going to do over here and we're going to take small sections and make sure to hold it about 6 inches away, spray all your hair, work it through and then you can twist it back a little bit and help form your curls and just keep going through those different sections of your hair, section out, spray, twist. So, this will just help in defining the curls and wave in your hair, keeping it moisturized and touchable. You'll always want to make sure that your hair is not going to be too much of a bother. Work it through and just twist a little bit. And that is how to style your hair when it's thick and wavy.


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