An Arm-Shaper Exercise for Men

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A number of different exercises are great for shaping arms in men. Learn about an arm-shaper exercise for men with help from a master trainer and fitness instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Andre Farnell, master trainer and Fitness Mindset Coach, and today I'm going to share with you some different variations of tricep and bicep exercises that address shaping the arms of men. So contrary to popular belief, the arm is actually two thirds made up of your tricep so if you want to shape your arms it makes sense to train the tricep so I'll start with tricep exercises first. The first exercise is going to be a tricep press-up, single handed tricep press-up. You want to start here, this is the arm that's doing the work, keep the dumbbell head flat and press all the way up, making sure that the elbow does not move at all. And what this does is it works the inner head of the traps, so down and press up. Now we're going to keep the pressure on the triceps by doing a double handed, overhead tricep press and in that movement, you take both of the weights, back behind you as far as possible once again keeping the elbows stationery and press up while twisting and down and up and down and up and what you do at this point is you're training all three heads of the tricep by adding that twisting motion to the workout. So when it comes to training biceps, which are the most popular muscle in the human body, hand positioning is everything so you would have to switch through the different hand positions in order to hit the most important muscles in your forearms and in your biceps. So we're going to go with a neutral start which means thumbs facing forward into an underhand finish and down and curl. This is what gives you the peak on the top of the bicep as far as shape goes, up and down. Now working and incorporating a little more forearm into the curl, we're going to start with what is called a hammer curl. So taking this up and down. This works the outer head of the bicep, up and down and finally, the most difficult of the three that I'm going to show you today, both thumbs facing each other and curl all the way up. This is called a reverse curl and down, and up and down. By incorporating both of the two tricep exercises that I showed you as well as these three variations on bicep curls, you'll definitely have a great shape and defined physique as far as it goes with your arms. And there you have it, that's the perfect way to shape your arms. This has been Andre Farnell, master trainer and Fitness Mindset Coach at


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