How to Cure Dead Skin on Bottom of Feet

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Curing dead skin on the bottom of feet is a lot more straightforward than you might be thinking. Learn how to cure dead skin on the bottom of feet with help from a board-certified dermatologist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Dr. Debra Jaliman, a board certified dermatologist in New York City and author of the book "Skin Rules, Trade Secrets From a Top New York Dermatologist," here to talk about how to get rid of dry skin on the bottom of your feet. Well there's a lot of things you can do. One is you can look for a cream with lactic acid or glycolic acid. What will that do? That will break apart those dead skin cells and help exfoliate them. The other thing you can do is at the end of the shower, every single day when you shower, you can use a pumice stone and you can scrub your feet with the pumice stone. That will help exfoliate the dead skin on the bottom of your feet. If you don't want to use a pumice stone, you can also get a foot buffer. A foot buffer has to be used dry and a pumice stone has to be used wet. Some people like a foot buffer better and many companies make them. They look kind of like a knife but it isn't a knife, it's very very smooth and what it does is you just scrub it along the bottom of your foot and it just takes all those dead skin shavings off. Now the most important thing is, whether you use a pumice stone or whether you use a foot buffer, you want to then moisturize and you can moisturize with a regular moisturizer. You don't need one with lactic or glycolic acid. So after you buff, you moisturize with a regular moisturizer, look for a moisturizer that has something very emollient. You can look for glycerin for example. You can even put petrolatum on your feet, something very moisturizing. You can look for cocoa butter. You can look for almond oil. You can even take olive oil from your kitchen cabinet and put it on your feet but the one thing that's important is if you're going to sleep, put cotton socks on so that the moisturizer that you put on doesn't get all over your sheet and actually penetrate into your feet. So if you are going to use lactic acid, glycolic acid, you can use that in the morning and then use your emollient moisturizer at night and after doing this for a week or so you'll notice that you have really silky smooth baby feet because every day we walk on our feet, we thicken our feet and they start to thicken up and then they start to actually crack. If you end up getting cracked feet, these cracked feet can actually become infected with bacteria. So, it's very important to take good care of your feet. If you have any other questions at all, go to


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