How to Deal With Negative People in the Workplace as a Supervisor

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If you're a supervisor, one of the last things you need is a negative person in your workforce. Deal with negative people in the workplace as a supervisor with help from an accomplished attorney, author and speaker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Welcome, this is HR That Works, President Don Phin and today I'm going to talk about how we manage negative people. Now there's a favorite question I like to ask business owners all around the United States is this, do you have anybody working for you today that if they quit you would be relieved as opposed to upset. And if the answer is yes my question is why are they even there, do you have another life you're going to live or do you just want to enjoy this one, you know, how much enjoyment can you possibly have dealing with negative people. So why are they around? Well if it's the owner's son or daughter I understand that challenge okay, but here's what I have noticed most of the times is number one, those people are negative because we keep feeding that negativity because we engage it, we get on stage with them. People want that drama and if you keep allowing the drama to occur you're going to keep getting more of it. So the first thing you have to do is don't step on stage with negative people, stay off of it. Now the second concern that we have is maybe this person is really talented and I'd like to let them go but if I do the standard operating procedure that they represent walks out the door with them. So for example in my business, I'm not an IT expert, I'm not a financial expert, so if one of those employees of ours quit I might be really in trouble but to guard against that we have standard operating procedures for how we do everything. So I have a system in place even if they leave and that's one of the greatest protections against negative employee formers, alright, and the third reason why we don't deal with these people is because we know we haven't documented and because we're negative, I don't want to deal with their negative and we fail to document and every lawyer will tell you to document, document, document. I litigated cases for 17 years and I can only begin to tell you how embarrassing it is for managers on the stand that don't document this negative behavior and then the last thing I would say to you is to what degree are you responsible for their negativity, you know the number one reason for turnover is the relationship with the boss and you look at the flip side probably the number one reason for productivity is relationship with the boss. So you're going to ask where am I responsible for this negativity. So that's how you deal with negative people. If you can't improve them through system, through a good training, through better focus then you have to let them go. You protect yourself by documenting, having standard operating procedures and realize that you're going to replace them with somebody that's going to be more productive and going to be a joy to work with and I hope that helps. Take care.


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