How to Clean Stains From a Leather Sofa


Even the most durable leather sofa can still stain if you aren't careful. Clean stains from a leather sofa with help from a third generation owner of Arrow Leathercare in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Bruce Gershon from Arrow Leathercare, and today we're going to talk about how to clean stains from a leather sofa. Leather used for leather furniture is generally thicker in nature than leather garment, leather for garment. And so, generally, it's more durable and you know, it has protective finishes on it like you know, this one that I have here is a, a pigment dyed leather, basically a paint without hardeners. You also see leather furniture that's more natural with a waxy finish like this piece of leather here which is a cowhide with a, with a waxy finish and is susceptible to scratches and scuffs. We also see a lot of leather furniture made with the nubuck, which nubuck is a top grain leather that's been buffed it all off to make it like a fine suede. So, there's, mostly the methods of maintaining and cleaning the leather furniture can be handled in, in a lot of cases with a, a moist wipe like a baby wipe or damp cloth. And we've got a few spots and stains on here, I think there is some mustard on here and, and it's dried, so, it, it wipes of pretty easily off of this type of leather. There's another stickier stain in here which again is going to, is going to pretty much wipe off with the, the moist wipe. Here's kind of a scuff here and it's a little more stubborn, so, we might try something like a, a leather furniture conditioner and I'll apply that to a, a cloth and it's going to help us clean that off and refresh and renew the leather. And if, if it's still something that's a little more stubborn, we can go even go to a, a mild solvent like perhaps a citrus solvent that will help that if it's got of a, a greasy type stain. Oh, and something like the nubuck, you wouldn't necessarily want to wipe it with a, a damp wipe as it will, you know, unless there's something on there, like a food stain where you're going to have to, to get it a little moist to get it off because it will darken the leather. Although, this would probably dry fine, once it's dry, you can come back and brush it off; nylon bristle brush works really well on nubuck to knock off you know, some dry stains and dust and brush it up. On a leather such as the, the waxy finish cowhide, a more natural leather, again, the leather furniture conditioner applied to the towel will, will do a nice job on it. In this case, where we put the scuffs on there, it'll pretty much take care of those scuffs and wipe it off and maintain it. So, that's about all we have on leather furniture, how to clean it and maintain it. And my name is Bruce Gershon, thanks for watching.


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