How to Make Your Teeth Whiter at Home Without Baking Soda

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Just because you want to make your teeth whiter doesn't mean you have to use baking soda. Make your teeth whiter at home without baking soda with help from a practicing dentist and chief clinical director for a large group dental practice in this free video clip.

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Hi I'm Dr. Cindy Roark, chief clinical director with Coast Dental. Today I'm going to talk about how you can make your teeth whiter at home without using baking soda. The easiest way to whiten teeth that are a little bit dingy is to brush with a sonic toothbrush and a toothpaste containing whitening agents. The vibrations from the toothbrush shake loose surface stains and plaque to naturally whiten teeth. The whitening toothpaste generally contain mild abrasives that can be effective at removing surface stains. There are many brands available and you can ask your dentist or hygienist for recommendations. For teeth that are beginning to yellow, try a professional home whitening kit, the kind you get from a dentist not the kind you buy at the drugstore. I say this because the concentration of whitener is much higher in professional products and will give you a better result. Depending on the product you choose you could have noticeably whiter teeth in anywhere from three to fourteen days. Now these kits should always contain custom trays that are molded to your teeth to protect your gums from the whitener. At home you put the whitening solution into your trays and place them over your teeth for the number of hours indicated by your dentist. Take note though, your dentist should examine your teeth and gums to make sure that they are healthy enough for whitening. Patients with active periodontal disease or decay are not candidates for tooth whitening because it can do more damage. In terms of prevention you can keep your teeth from getting dingy by including foods in your diet that increase the production of saliva. Saliva is a natural cleaning agent like a detergent. Stock up on celery, apples, carrots, citrus fruits, and sugar free gum. They all help the mouth produce more saliva and help keep your teeth clean. I personally like blueberries and red wine but they're heavy stainers. So are colas and coffee. A good tip is to sip colored beverages through a straw to bypass your teeth. Thanks for watching. This is Dr. Cindy Roark with Coast Dental.


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