How to Draw a Cornucopia

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A cornucopia is also known as the horn of plenty. Draw a cornucopia with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia, I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw a cornucopia. Alright, so cornucopia is also known as the horn of plenty. And here I'm just doing some detailing for the opening for my cornucopia, many times it's made out of, I guess straw, you know it's like a basket, but instead of a basket with a handle, it's shaped like a horn. And I'm doing detailing in here, if you want to simplify it, you can just do a nice long line like this, you could even make it a little squiggly if you'd like. Let's see here, let's do the lines around, this is where it's woven, and so we have our cornucopia detailing. Now for the fun part. After you have your cornucopia, you can put all your goodies in it. Basically, let's see, we'll start off with a pumpkin, one of my favorites. So let's get that pumpkin in there. And you could do just a little pumpkin shape, we'll do the top of it, have fun with this, you know you can fill it with whatever you'd like, think fall. I'm going to do an orange flower as well, possibly a dried sunflower, you can add some mums in here, let's see, and another one that we get a lot of, is corn, dried corn, so feel free, corn is an oval shape, and then you can add the detailing in, I'm doing some very quick detailing, but, as long as you know what it is, that's the first step towards drawing, as long as somebody can recognize it. You know what, I'm going to do a pink top for the corn, I guess this is going to be like a psychedelic cornucopia. Alright, what else, we can do zucchini, there's always lots of zucchinis coming out of the cornucopia. Zucchinis are fun to draw because they're very interesting shapes, you've got circles, you can have stripes on it, you can have squash in here, those are more flat, squash detailing. So there you go. When you draw your horn of plenty, just make sure you draw your horn, and then lots of goodies coming out of it, and you will have success. Enjoy.


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