How Do I Match Shirts & Ties?

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Matching shirts and ties requires a few very special considerations. Match shirts and ties with help from a men's clothing specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Tressa Branin from Total Style Solutions. And, let's talk about how to match your shirts and your ties, because this is a big question a lot of men have. A lot of times, they just go straight for the white shirts, really simple, really safe, really easy. It'll match any color suit, and any color tie. But, let's branch out just a little bit beyond just a basic white shirt and tie. There's three types of collars, and so, I've got an example of all three types here. The first is a spread collar. It's got a wider space between the collar tips. So, it's really pretty simple. So, it's a spread, it's wider. This is better when you're using a tie that's a wider tie knot. So, a half Windsor or Windsor knots, not a really skinny little tie knot. A little teeny knot in the middle of this big wide spread would look a little bit awkward, and it wouldn't be the most flattering style. This is a great type of style for a man with a larger neck as well. It won't make him look like he's got any long skinny points. It'll help just take up the space in his wider neck as well. Another type of collar is the regular point collar. This is the typical men's dress shirt that you'll find. And so, you can use a smaller knot, because there's not as big of a spread as with the wider spread collar. So, a regular knot, a regular point collar. The next type of collar on the shirts is a button-down collar. So, it keeps the collar down, and it doesn't flip up and get in the way. This is a more casual type of shirt, and not something that I would recommend that you put a tie with. So, you would wear it with the top button unbuttoned, the collar's down, and then wear that with your jacket for a more casual type of look, but not with a tie. So, those are three types of collars, and the ties that you would want to wear with those types of collars. Now, let's talk about mixing and matching pattern and color for your shirts and your ties. So, I've got a couple of cool examples here on our lovely manikin men. So, the first, you'll notice that there's a pattern in the jacket, there's a pattern in the tie, and there's also a pattern in the shirt. So, this is mixing three patterns. It's a trend that you'll see currently. It's not something that's always in style, but it's a great way, especially for those more creative males that like to express their personality a little bit more, to get their own personality out there, but still fit into that conservative traditional business wear that might be required of them in their industry. So, three different patterns, and it lovely matches. And, you'll see the same thing here with different colors. Three different patterns, but matches beautifully. The trick to this is you'll notice it's a more monochromatic look. There's the same color theme throughout - there's not a whole bunch of crazy colors and patterns going on. The other trick is to vary the scale or the size of the pattern. You'll notice that it's not all small little stripes. You'll notice that the ties have totally different size of pattern than the shirts and the suits do. So, that is a great way to just use pattern to give a little creativity to what you're wearing. And then, another option here again is just mixing the colors from the jacket and the shirt, and blending it together with the tie. It's much like a woman will do with her clothes, and then add a necklace in those colors to add the colors and blend it in to make it a complete look. So, guys, think of your ties as your accessories. Like a woman's jewelry, it really helps to complete the look of your outfit. And so, these are some options for how to match your colors and your ties. So, this is another option that you could use for a tie and shirt. You'll notice this shirt has a pattern and a texture, not necessarily a pattern and a color of the shirt. So, it's a great option that you could again wear with a gray pinstriped suit. And, you've got these two types of ties that'll help blend those colors all together again as well. Gorgeous option as well, totally different look than this look here. And another, for our lighter dove gray suit that we have, we have a bright cobalt blue, and then you match those patterns and the colors to mix the color of the shirt with the color of the suit, and it gives it a great, awesome look. This is a great way to give some color and some fluff, and not just go with that safe white shirt that you've always got hanging in your closet. And again, I'm Tressa Branin from Total Style Solutions, and this is how you match your shirts and ties.


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