How to Block a Crocheted Blanket

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A crocheted blanked requires you to have a blanked as well as an iron. Block a crocheted blanked with help from the President of the Denver Crochet Guild in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cassandra Allen-Brown from, and the Yarn Shop in Denver, Colorado. Today I'm going to teach you how to lock a crocheted blanket. The materials you will need will be the blanket itself and then the tool that you will need will be your iron. The first thing I'd like to show you is when you actually have a blanket or any crocheted item that is, comes immediately finished from your crochet hook, you'll notice it has a curl to it. That means it's fresh off the hook. The best thing to do to eliminate the curl and to soften the material of the fabric itself is to take your iron, plug it in and you don't, depending on the fabric, you don't want to put the iron directly on the blanket. This particular material is 100 percent cotton. Therefore you can take your iron, loosely, don't press, loosely motion the iron across the blanket. You can hear the steam as we speak and what will happen, as you can see, I'm very lightly touching it, very very lightly and you'll want to keep the crocheted blanket in the same pattern, just leave it laying flat, don't move it. I'm very lightly touching the blanket with the iron and as you can see, it is now blocking the blanket. The shape is firming up and the pattern of the blanket is beautiful. When you are finished doing that, leave your iron to the side. You can even unplug it and step away from it, but do not pick up the crocheted blanket until it is 100 percent dry upon the touch. Now it is still warm and you can feel the steam on it so we will not pick it up. When it is 100 percent dry, you'll pick it up and it will be beautiful, and the form and shape will be set perfectly and that is how you block a crocheted blanket. I'm Cassandra Allen-Brown, Yarn Shop, Denver Colorado.


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