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If your PC is running slow and takes an age to boot, you may be thinking that it is time to upgrade to a new model. But you might be able to get your PC to run like it was new with tools available on the Internet. Over time, a PC's hard disk becomes cluttered with temporary files and programs that you no longer use. Take a look at these tools designed to free up your PC's resources.

  1. PC Tools Registry Mechanic 2011

    • Registry Mechanic scans the registry and locates corrupt or invalid registry keys, displaying a list of all problems it identifies. Choose to automatically delete or clean invalid entries all at once or review each item before taking action. Registry Mechanic can also permanently destroy deleted files and your Internet browsing history, keeping your privacy safe and freeing space on your hard disk.


    • CCleaner deletes unused files to free up hard disk space and improve overall system performance. Temporary files, created during software installations, and recently used document lists are identified and removed, as are files created by Internet browsers. The Windows registry can also be checked for obsolete entries that were removed after a backup was made.


    • This free-to-download utility is available in versions compatible with Linux and Windows operating systems. Functions are selected using simple check boxes, and you can preview any actions before executing them. As well as the Linux and Windows versions, BleachBit is available as a portable version that requires no installation for Windows systems. Files containing personal data can be permanently deleted using the shredder function, rendering them unrecoverable to ensure your privacy is protected.

    TuneUp Utilities 2010

    • TuneUp Utilities is a comprehensive performance-enhancing suite of tools designed to optimize system performance. It identifies unnecessary programs and prevents their launch to improve boot and shut down speed. Hard drives can be defragmented and checked for errors, while deleted files can be recovered from disks and USB drives. All of TuneUp's actions can be reversed as a backup of the system is created before any changes are made.

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