100th Day T-Shirt Ideas


The 100th day of school is an important milestone for teachers and students, as it marks how much progress they have made in the school year. Celebrate the special occasion by sporting a creative T-shirt in the hallways; this can be a 100th day classroom activity, or you can construct T-shirts at home in advance to wear on the day.

100 Objects T-Shirt

  • Allow students to pick 100 small things to decorate their T-shirts with; they could put 100 different objects on the shirt, or they could put 100 of the same thing depending on personal preference. Students can be creative in the objects they choose, but make sure they are small, lightweight and non-perishable. Some examples of objects you could use include sequins, rhinestones, buttons, googly eyes, pom-poms, stickers, hand prints or red lipstick kisses. If the child chooses to use objects that he needs to attach with a glue gun, you should be the one to attach them to avoid accidental burns. For added educational value, try teaching younger children how to count by fives and 10s to lay out 100 objects; this will help boost their counting skills.

Math T-shirt

  • The 100th day provides a good segue into a variety of math lessons, so try incorporating some new math concepts into the T-shirt construction. Your lesson plans can be as simple or as complex as you like depending on the age of the children; for example, write out different ways to get to 100 using addition, subtraction, division and multiplication on the T-shirt. Use decorative materials and bright colored paints or markers to print the math problems on the shirts; after they've dried, allow the students to put the shirts on over their clothes and wear them the rest of the day.

100 Questions T-Shirt

  • Depending on how much time you have to complete this activity, you could take it in several directions. If you do not have much time, ask the children to think about several questions involving the number 100; you could ask them what they would do if they had $100 or what they could eat 100 of. Once they've thought of an answer to the question or questions you ask them, have the children write or draw their idea on the T-shirt. They may add extra decorations if they wish. If you have an extended period of time to do this activity, ask the children to write or draw 100 of their favorite things on the T-shirt.

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