Pirates VBS Ideas


You can help children build up treasures in heaven with a pirate-themed vacation Bible school, or VBS. Include ways that children can help others, be kind and share the Gospel message. Reinforce each lesson with a pirate-themed craft or activity. Children can take the pirate crafts home and share the lessons with family members.


  • Children can make a spyglass, as suggested by DLTK's Growing Together website. Tape a circle of clear plastic wrap around the bottom of a cardboard paper towel tube. Cover the entire tube with black construction paper and tape in place. Cut a thin strip of yellow paper and tape it around the bottom of the tube. Decorate the spyglass with religious stickers or stamps. Tell children the spyglass can remind them to look for ways to help others.

Money Pouch

  • Craft a pirate's money pouch, as described by the Kids Craft Weekly site. Before the activity, cut a round circle from a large piece of felt. Punch holes around the circle, about one inch from the edge. Children can push a piece of elastic in and out of the holes. Tie the ends of the elastic together to form a felt pouch. Tie the loose ends of the elastic together a second time to form a wrist strap. To make money, wrap metal hardware washers in aluminum foil. Explain that the money pouch symbolizes tithing to the church and giving to the poor.

Treasure Map

  • Design a treasure map that leads to heavenly rewards. DLTK's Growing Together website suggests ripping the edges of a piece of white copy paper to give it a jagged look. Scrunch the paper into a ball, then flatten it and lay it on a cookie sheet. Fill the cookie sheet with cold coffee or tea, and let the paper soak for five minutes to dye the paper brown. Leave the paper on the cookie sheet and pour off the liquid. Dry the paper with a hair dryer set on "high" for five minutes, then on "low" for two more minutes. Children can draw details on the maps with markers, including obstacles, a dotted path and an "X" for the buried treasure. Talk to children about how the Bible can be a map for people's lives.

Treasure Chest

  • Make a treasure chest from a shoe box, as suggested by the Kids' Turn Central website. Paint the box or cover it with construction paper. If the lid is not hinged, use silver duct tape to attach the lid to the box. Glue pieces of aluminum foil, plastic gems or shiny beads over the edge of the box so that it appears treasure is falling out of the chest. As children put each VBS craft inside the treasure chest, review the ways that they can store up treasures in heaven.

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