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"Snooker" is a type of billiard game that is generally enjoyed in Great Britain and other English-speaking countries. The game involves hitting red balls and balls of other colors around a table and into the holes on the table in order to score more points than an opponent. There are several variants on the Snooker game that can be enjoyed in various billiard clubs.

  1. Original Snooker

    • In the original version of Snooker, the players take turns pocketing red balls for 1 point. If they are able to pocket a red ball, they can take a chance and pocket one of the colored balls, which have higher point values. Once the red balls have been pocketed, the colored balls can be pocketed in order of increasing point value. Once all the balls have been pocketed, the player with the most points is the winner.

    Snooker Plus

    • The only difference between Snooker Plus and original Snooker is the addition of two colored balls: the orange ball (worth 8 points) and the purple ball (worth 10 points). These balls carry the highest point value in Snooker Plus.

    Brazilian Snooker

    • With Brazilian Snooker, there is only one red ball on the entire table (rather than the normal 15). Once the player pockets the ball with the lowest point value, he can try to pocket the next ball in the order or try to get more points by pocketing a different ball, after which he must pocket his original ball. If he cannot do this, he will incur a large penalty.

    Three-Red Snooker

    • Three-Red Snooker is only different from the original version of Snooker in that three red balls are used instead of 15. All other rules remain unchanged.

    Volunteer Snooker

    • With Volunteer Snooker, the player can pocket a red ball, then he can pocket a colored ball. On his next turn, he can then pocket a colored ball first if he wishes. If the ball is sunk, he will receive the points. If he misses, his opponent will receive the points. After this, the colored ball is placed back on the table in its original position.

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