Types of Pins and Needles & Their Uses


There are many different types of pins and needles for uses in craft projects. Different types of sewing machine needles can create quilts, double seams and surging projects. Needles are useful in handwork when basting or in crocheting when attaching projects. Repair needles are available for all kinds of material and knitting needles are available in two main types. Pin types include quilter's pins, nickel-plated pins and patchwork pins.

Sewing Machine Needles

  • There are a large variety of sewing machines needles than are in use for sewing straight stitches and for quilting patterns. Double-eyed needles make quilting and surging possible. Double needles that are two needles on one base find uses in sewing double seams that can be in the same color or each in a different color.

Hand Use Needles

  • Basting needles with large eyes have uses for hand basting sewing projects or basting crochet yarn in patterns that have separate blocks, sections or granny squares that need to be sewn together. Quilting needles are available for hand quilting in different sizes to obtain an even stitch.

Upholstery Needles

  • This type of needle is generally available for purchase in a kit with several included. Most of the time there is a large curved needle and smaller sizes of curved needles that you can use in tight areas without removing the product for repair. For example, the curved needles are useful in upholstery of car seats and furniture and enable you to stitch seams together that have come apart without removing the fabric. These types of needles are generally of use in repairs in canvas, carpet, sails, upholstery and sails of all types.

Knitting Needles

  • Needles for knitting are available in many sizes and types. There are single needles in many lengths that are hand-tailored for different sizes of projects. You may also use knitting needles that are two separate needles attached together with a plastic piece so that it holds your project tightly together. Shorter needles of this type are used for baby blankets and afghans that are knitted in sections and then sewn together to complete.

Quilters Pins

  • This type of pin normally has a ball on the end and is available in several lengths. The size of quilter's pins that you need to hold all layers of the material in place depends on the thickness so that the pins do not pull out.

Nickel-Plated Pins

  • This type of pin holds thin fabrics in place gently. Its makeup will not pull or tear fabrics as silks, knits and lingerie fabrics while it holds them in place for you to sew. Standard sewing pins may pull individual threads loose in these types of fabrics and lead to tearing your finished product.

Patchwork Pins

  • This type of pin is extremely fine and passes through fabric easily. Patchwork pins are short and they hold small pieces of patchwork, appliqués, and piecework in quilting or other projects in their place temporarily until the final stitching is complete.

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