Easy Balloon Decorating Ideas for an Adult's Birthday


Balloons are an iconic birthday party decoration, but they need not be boring or commonplace. When decorating for an adult birthday party, consider using balloons to create sculptures, arches and other elaborate decorations. Store-bought or self-filled helium balloons are easy to work with and can be easily attached using string or twisting to make elegant, striking party decorations.

Balloon Arch

  • Using helium balloons, you can create an archway to decorate a door or a backyard for a birthday party. Your balloon arch can feature one or multiple colors and can be as large or as small as you desire. Attach two balloons by tying a knot using their two necks. Then, attach this pair of balloons to a second pair of conjoined balloons by placing one pair perpendicular to the other and twisting the necks around each other. Create several groups of four. Attach the grouped balloons to a piece of string by looping the string around the necks. Keep the balloons close together while attaching them. This is the point at which you can alternate colors, if desired. Add groups of balloons until your arch reaches the desired length. Anchor each end of the arch to the ground or fasten the string on each end to a heavy object to prevent your balloons from floating away.

Balloon Column

  • Using a wooden, plastic or metal pole--about the thickness of a broom handle--that has been secured to a heavy, flat piece of wood, you can create a balloon column. Balloon columns can decorate doorways at a birthday party. Start by attaching two helium balloons at the necks. Then, attach this pair of balloons to another pair of balloons by twisting the necks around each other (as in section 1). Create several groups of four. Place each group of four against the pole on one side so that the pole is between two balloons, touching the place where the necks are tied. Gently stretch the necks and twist the two balloons that are around the pole up and over one another. The tension created from this twist will fasten the group to the pole. For a visual example of this motion, see Resource 1. Stack balloons in this manner until the desired height is achieved. Place a single balloon at the top of the column, using a larger balloon or a different color to make it stand out.

Balloon Flower

  • Making a balloon flower is very similar to making a balloon column. Instead of placing groups of four balloons all the way up the column pole, stop about two thirds of the way. Create the flower head by bundling three or four balloon groups. Wind string between the balloons to secure them together. Place the balloon flower head at the top of the column pole. Attach it by tying string around the pole and the balloons.

Balloon Palm Tree

  • The balloon palm tree is also very similar to the balloon column. To make a balloon palm tree, use brown or yellow colored balloons to create a trunk or column. Instead of adding a single balloon at the top of your balloon column, use several long, green balloons to create palms. Attach the necks of these to the top of your column pole using string.

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