Feather Activities for Preschool


Many children find the shapes, sizes and colors of feathers interesting. Teach your preschoolers about feathers by planning a few activities, such as games and crafts, for them to do at home or at school. Activities give the young children a chance to use their imagination and build fine motor skills. Use craft feathers for activities, as many animal feathers can harbor germs.

Turkey Crafts

  • Give each preschooler a turkey-coloring page. After he colors the pictures, have him glue or tape feathers to the coloring pages on top of the existing turkey feathers. This will give the picture a 3D look. Children can also create a pine cone turkey by putting a pine cone on its side and taping or gluing feathers to the flat end of the pine cone. Glue googly eyes to the front of the pine cone. For added decoration, have the children make the turkey's feet and a beak with construction paper to glue on the pine cone to complete the face.

Feather Bags

  • According to the Family Fun website, young children can fill an onion bag with feathers for birds to use as nesting materials. Empty several onion bags and give one to each preschoolers. Give the preschoolers bags of feathers to fill up the onion bags. Use the twine from the bag to tie it shut and hang it from a tree. If the bag does not have twine, attach twine to the top to seal and hang the bag. Other materials the preschoolers can add to the nesting bag include string, yarn, dry grass, lint and fabric pieces. No pieces should be over 8-inches long or they can strangle some small birds. The birds should be able to pull the items through the bag easily.

Painting Crafts

  • Let your preschoolers paint with feathers. Give each child a large sheet of construction paper. Place several bowls of tempura paint on the table. Children will dip the feathers into the paint. Tell them to use their imagination and creativity to paint with the feathers. Easy painting ideas for preschoolers include rainbows, shapes and numbers. For another idea, tell the preschoolers to place the feathers on the construction paper. They can use a paintbrush to paint around the outside of the feathers. When they remove the feathers, the outline is still on the paper.

Wind Games

  • Preschoolers can use their own breath to try to blow feathers in the air. Give each child a feather and tell him to practice blowing the feather in the air. After a few minutes, have a competition to see who can blow their feather in the air the longest amount of time. When the feather touches the ground, that player is out of the game. For a variation, give each child a square of card stock to use to create wind to blow the feather in the air instead of the children having to blow the feather.

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