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Owls symbolize many things in folklore and mythology: wisdom, fertility, femininity, darkness, mystery and even death. This makes them great inspiration for all kinds of special occasion cakes. Bake an owl cake for a graduation party, a baby shower or a Halloween celebration. You can also make an owl cake for an owl enthusiast's birthday.

Three-Dimensional Owl Cake

  • Impress your guests with a three-dimensional owl cake. Bake two cakes in 1-quart oven-proof glass bowls and two cakes in 12-ounce oven-proof bowls. Use a wooden dowel to stack the smaller cake on top of the large cake. Frost the cake with white and brown icing. Construct the ears out of frosting or use cookies. For the feet and the beak, use yellow candies such as banana Runts. For the eyes, twist two cream-filled cookies apart, and use a dark round candy such as a Junior Mint as the pupil.

Owl-Shaped Cake

  • Turn a plain sheet cake into an owl cake. Either bake a 9 by 13 inch sheet cake in the flavor of your choice. Use frosting to pipe the outline of a large owl onto the cake. Include the ears, head, body and wings into the outline. If you don't trust your drawing skills, find an owl template online. Cut the owl shape out and discard the extra pieces of cake. Frost the baked goods with chocolate and vanilla frosting. Use candies, cookies and chocolate chips to decorate the cake so it looks like an owl.

Candy Clay Owls

  • Candy clay is an edible clay made out of candy melts -- sold by most grocery stores and online retailers -- and light corn syrup. It comes in many colors and flavors. You can also use coloring gels to tint it yourself. Use the candy clay to mold three-dimensional owls to place on top of the cake. If you're artistically inclined, you can even mold a tree for the owl to sit in. Or roll the candy clay out like dough and use an owl-shaped cookie cutter. Place the flat owls on the sides of the cake or on top of it.

Owl Toppers

  • If you don't have fancy baking or decorating skills, use an owl topper to decorate your cake. Many books, cartoons and children's movies feature owls such as Owl from "Winnie the Pooh," Hedwig from the Harry Potter series and Archimedes from Disney's "The Sword and the Stone." Use small toys inspired by these cartoons and movies as cake toppers. Bake and frost a sheet or round cake. Find small owl toys at a toy store or buy owl toppers from bakeries or online retailers. Simply place the toys on top of the cake and you're finished.

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