Aluminum Soda Tab Crafts


While the aluminum pull tabs from empty soda cans can be left out with your normal curbside recycling or taken to a recycling plant, reusing them requires less energy and fewer resources. Use aluminum soda can pull tabs as unusual craft materials for several inventive craft projects instead of recycling them.


  • Create a woven bracelet with aluminum soda can tabs. Lace ribbon, leather cord or any type of stringing material through the holes in the soda tabs. To do this, poke the end of the stringing material through the back of the soda tab, out the front, over the divider between the holes and into the second hole. Continue stringing soda can tabs this way until you have a length long enough to wrap around your wrist.


  • Make your own recycled key chain with soda can tabs and any type of stringing material you like. Alternate between stringing soda can tabs and beads onto a short length of stringing material. Tie one end of the stringing material around a blank keyring before beginning to keep the beads from slipping off as you work. Use a single strand or tie several strands around the same keyring for a fuller look.

Card and Scrapbook Buckle Embellishments

  • Use an aluminum soda can tab as a buckle to create a faux strap or decorative belting for your scrapbooks and homemade greeting cards. Use any 1-centimeter wide ribbon, cut to the length that you want. Thread the ribbon into one hole through the back of the tab and pull it over the dividing strip of metal between the two holes, then down into the second hole. Pull the end of the ribbon to center the tab on the ribbon and glue the ends of the ribbon in place on the card or scrapbook page. The ribbon looks like a strap or belt and the tab looks like a buckle.

Earring Holder

  • Create a funky and quirky earring holder to hang earrings on your vanity or bathroom counter top. Create a tree with wire stock by bundling eight to ten equal lengths of wire stock together with your hands and inserting one end of all of the wires into a block of floral foam or polystyrene. Bend the top ends of each wire around a soda tab a few times to secure the tab. Curl the wires with your hands to make them look like branches. Hang your earrings on the soda tabs at the ends of the wires to keep them organized and decorate the tree as well.

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