Standard Low Res Photo Sizes


Standard low res file sizes refer to the resolution of files that are posted on the Internet. Resolution tells how many pixels per square inch are in an image. Images on the web have a standard resolution of 72 pixels per inch (ppi). Most of the time ppi is referred erroneously to dpi (dots per inch). They are not the same. dpi refers to printing using an ink jet printer. Nevertheless, you will see 72 dpi as the standard low res photo size in the Internet, and that is what will be used here.

File Types

  • There are different types of image files. The most common types of files with low res image sizes are JPG and TIFF. You will see the file type at the end of the file name of an image. For example if you name an image "bigrocks" and it is a JPG, the file name will appear as "bigrocks.jpg." Conversely if it is a TIFF file, the name would be "bigrocks.tif."

Compression of Files

  • TIFF and JPG files are compressed to make them smaller to send by email or upload or download onto the Internet. Each file is compressed differently. You also have the option to leave TIFF photos uncompressed, but you don't have that option with JPG files. JPG files are compressed into much smaller photo sizes than TIFF files are. TIFF files are much bigger than JPG files so they aren't used much on the Internet because they take up a lot of the computer's memory.

File Size Verses Image Resolution

  • File size and image resolution are different. The resolution of images on the Internet has a standard; however, the file sizes vary. Photos are measured by using tiny squares called pixels (px). The wider the photo is on the monitor, the more pixels the width will have, and the taller the photo, the more pixels the height will have. When you see file size measurements, say on Google Images, they look like multiplication problems. The first number will be the width in pixels of the image and the second number will be the height. For example, a thumbnail (size of a thumbnail) image is about 10 X 10, whereas a large image would be about 400 X 400.

Measurments in Bytes

  • File sizes are also measured in a unit called "bytes." Standard low res images on the Internet (images that are 72 dpi) are at least 1000 bytes or 1 kilobyte (kb). If they were any smaller, they would look like a dot on your monitor. Low res images on the Internet are usually between 10 and 200 kb.

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