Driving Lessons: Advice and Tips for Beginners


Beginning to drive is exciting, exhilarating and frightening all at the same time. Driving an average four thousand pounds of metal, glass and plastic should be considered a massive task requiring responsibility. While most new drivers cannot wait to get behind the wheel, they should first be mindful of a few safety tips and advice.

Safety Courses

  • Take as many safety courses as possible in addition to the state required safety courses. Car insurance companies sometimes offer discounts upon completion of safety driving courses, and the courses offer extra driving tips. Check for extra courses through the local Department of Motor Vehicles or check the local public school system to discover if there are any offered summer courses for adults and teens.

Adjusting the Car

  • Adjust the car before starting the car. Make sure the mirrors are adjusted to view the area behind the car. Adjust the seat so you can reach the petals comfortably and the backrest is upright. Check the gas gauge to make sure there is enough gas for the trip and clean the windshield with the car's windshield cleaner. Make sure the headrest is adjusted at your head and not your neck. In case of whiplash, the head rest needs to support your head, not your neck. Finally, adjust the steering wheel to a comfortable height.

Minding Traffic Laws

  • Respect and remember basic traffic laws learned in the classroom and studied from the driving manuals. Come to a complete stop at stop signs and slow down for yellow lights rather than speeding up to miss a stop light. Read all signs and pay attention to speed limits. Following basic traffic laws avoids insurance rate raises, tickets and accidents of all types. Never drive under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, no matter what the circumstance.


  • Practice whenever the opportunity arises. Ask a licensed driver if you can take them to the store or if they will accompany you through your errands. Review your driving skills and be mindful of mistakes. The only way to become a good driver is to review and practice. There are plenty of opportunities to drive; seize each opportunity available. Practice driving in all weather types and review what to do in each emergency situation, such as sliding on ice or wet pavement.

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