Hollywood Party Costume Ideas

Hollywood is chock full of costume ideas, from easily caricatured celebrities to industry icons. If you're attending a Hollywood party, wearing a costume can be an excellent way to start a conversation, make other guests laugh or just step outside yourself for the evening and enjoy being a star.

  1. Celebrities

    • With their exploits documented in the daily tabloids, many celebrities are quite easy to caricature with a costume. Go as Paris Hilton --- wear a blond wig, carry a big purse with a stuffed puppy in it, wear large sunglasses and keep saying "That's hot." Or try Joan Rivers --- wear loud colors, find a bleached-blond wig, apply garish makeup and walk around giving loud, throaty opinions. You could also try Hugh Hefner --- use makeup to create sagging lines and wrinkles in your face, carry a cigar and wear a smoking jacket. Or try Mark Wahlberg from his Marky Mark days --- wear stonewashed jeans with a Calvin Klein underwear label showing, no shirt and sunglasses. Carry a '90s boom box and freestyle rap all evening.


    • Go with your significant other as one of Hollywood's favorite (or not so favorite) TV or movie couples. Try Rachel and Ross from "Friends" or even Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You could also do Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane; for Superman, wear the "S" shirt under a dress shirt and leave the dress shirt open, as if you're about to go save the world. Or use pale makeup to whiten your skin, adopt a soulful, oppressed demeanor and go as Edward and Bella from the "Twilight" series.


    • Get your friends together and do a group costume. Get three guys and three girls and go as the sibling from "The Brady Bunch." Or try the professors from Hogwarts of "Harry Potter" fame; you'll need at least two guys and a girl for the main professors, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall. For a group of guy friends, go as the cast of "The Hangover." Doug should have a sunburn and a wrinkled suit; Phil should be unshaven with tiger scratches on his neck and an unkempt appearance; Alan should have a baby carrier and wear sunglasses and a beard; and Stu should wear a shirt and pants with glasses and a missing tooth (you can black one out with tooth blackener).


    • You can't go wrong with Marilyn Monroe --- just wear a blond wig, red lipstick and a white dress. You could also go as Audrey Hepburn in her role as Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"; wear a long, form-fitting black dress and elbow-length gloves, wear your hair in an updo and carry a long cigarette holder. Or get a fake mustache, plenty of hair gel and an antebellum suit and go as Rhett Butler from "Gone With the Wind."

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