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A business slogan calls attention to what's special about your business. Some slogans are short and sweet, giving definition to your business in a few words, while others are longer but just as effective. A good slogan is catchy, easily repeated and makes a powerful statement. A slogan is the essence of what your business does.

Powerful Slogans

  • Many major corporations, such as Canon and Dell, have powerful slogans that demand attention. Canon uses only two words to deliver its message: "Know How." Out of context the slogan has little meaning, but paired with Canon's company name the consumer thinks of technology and self-sufficiency. Dell's slogan has a similar theme: "Get More Out of Now." This slogan plays on the theme of living in the now and getting the most out of every moment. When coupled with Dell's company name, the slogan sums up the daily possibilities of using Dell products. Powerful slogans are short and speak directly to the reader.

Catchy Slogans

  • Catchy slogans follow a rhythm, not unlike a line of poetry or a song lyric. Nortel Network uses alliteration and sums up its communication capability with the slogan "Business without Boundaries." Catchy slogans have an appeal that lends to a consumer repeating the phrase, such as Timex's "It takes a licking, and keeps on ticking."

Persuasive Slogans

  • Persuasive slogans tries to convince the reader of something or address a company's actions directly. Linksys, a communications company best known for their wireless routers and other communication tools, tries to convince the reader of the company's advanced operations with the slogan "At Linksys We are Making Connectivity Easier." Metropolitan Life Insurance Company uses a classic persuasive technique by using a rhetorical question "Have You Met Life Today?"

Slogans and Demographics

  • Some slogans are universal, while others address a specific demographic. A one-word slogan, such as Samsung Electronics' "Imagine" appeals to all crowds. Xilinx, a technology company, focuses its slogan to address the technology community with "A Programmable Logic." The same goes for EM Research's slogan, "The Ultimate Source Miniature Frequency Synthesizers."

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