Hollywood Theme Dress Ideas

A Hollywood theme party appeals to all ages, as an evening full of glitz and glamour is elegant and entertaining. Part of the fun of such a theme party is the opportunity to dress up. Several costume ideas are available for both men and women attending a Hollywood theme party. Use your favorite current or past celebrities as inspiration for your glamorous look.

  1. Glamour Gal

    • Women can use the glamour of Hollywood as inspiration for their party attire. Rather than going dressed as a specific celebrity, you can go as a glammed-up version of yourself. Look back at past red carpet looks of your favorite celebrities for inspiration. Visit thrift shops to find a full-length gown that suits your style. Pair the dress with your favorite pair of high heels, and accessorize with plenty of sparkly jewelry. Curl your locks, or put them in an up-do, and wear dramatic evening makeup.

    Hollywood Guy

    • The average guy can transform himself into a megastar with a Hollywood costume. For a red-carpet-perfect look, look dapper in a tuxedo. Rent one from a formalwear shop, wear your own or check out a thrift store for a used one. If you don't want to spend the money on a tux, pair your nicest suit pants with a solid-colored shirt, tie and pair of aviator sunglasses. You'll look like you grew up on the red carpet.

    Couples Costumes

    • Make your party hosts feel like they've invited a real celebrity power couple to their party by dressing up as your favorite celebrities. Celebrate old Hollywood by going as classic duos like Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall or Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio. Or, celebrate modern-day celebrities by dressing up as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt or David and Victoria Beckham. Check out recent paparazzi photos of these famous couples to find a look that you can recreate for your costume.

    Party Girl

    • Hollywood has its share of party girls, and if you want to enjoy a night on the wild side, dress up as one of them for your Hollywood-themed party. You can attend the party dressed as an "heiress," wearing a mini dress, heels and plenty of makeup. Don't forget your handbag and pint-sized pooch -- or a stuffed one -- as your accessories. Or, you can dress up as your favorite Hollywood party girl. From Paris Hilton to Lindsay Lohan, you have plenty of options.

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