Home Remedy for Static Cling in the Dryer


It’s hard to feel confident when your clothes are clinging, bunching and riding up. Commercial fabric softeners are an easy solution, but many find the aromas of perfume unfavorable. Environmentally minded homemakers also prefer not to use commercial fabric softeners because they typically use synthetic ingredients such as silicone, which provides lubrication. Add softness to your clothes while eliminating static cling with natural, non-chemical methods.

Fabric Softener

  • Create a homemade fabric softener. Combine two parts hot water, one part white vinegar and one part baking soda. Mix the ingredients until the baking soda dissolves and stops fizzing. Place the solution in a sealable container. Add 1/4 cup of the fabric softener to each wash during the rinse cycle.

Seperate Drying

  • Separate synthetic materials and natural materials for separate drying. It is OK to wash them together, but combining synthetic materials in the dryer, such as nylon, often leads to static cling in natural materials, such as cotton. Also, remove clothes as soon as they are dry because drying clothes for too long also leads to static cling.

Metal Grounding

  • Place a couple of tightly wadded-up balls of aluminum foil in the dryer with the clothes. The metal will neutralize the static. Another option is to put a flat piece of aluminum foil under an article of clothing while ironing. For clothes not being ironed, put cling to rest by pinning a safety pin in an inconspicuous area.

Last Minute Solutions

  • Put on lotion before putting on clothes. Moisturized skin will prevent charged clothing. In general, water is a viable way to stop clinging clothes quickly. Put a wet wash cloth in the dryer for just a couple of minutes at the end or wet your hands slightly and pat down clothes. Pat down clothes with wet hands while they are laying on a flat surface, hanging from a hanger or already put on.


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