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Magazines go to a lot of trouble to make the pages they publish eye-catching and colorful. When you've finished reading a magazine, it seems like a waste to just toss it. You may have an entire stack of magazines and nothing to do with them. Put them to good use by using them as materials in crafts projects. Several craft projects call for folded decorative paper and would be complemented by the eco-friendly use of old magazines.

Decorative Tree

  • Leave an entire magazine intact, but bend the spine to soften the binding. Bend it any way you like, but rough it up a bit to make it more pliable. Fold the pages of the magazine from the upper right-hand corner to meet and follow the spine. Do this for each page, including the front and back cover. Fold each page inward once more by grasping the bottom-right corner of the folded triangle and bringing it to the spine. Crease the new fold. You should have a triangular page with an extra point at the bottom. Tuck the bottom points into the folded page to leave just a straight edge along the bottom. Once all of the pages are folded, stand the magazine up on the straight bottom. It should be cone-shaped. Spray the cone with spray paint to color it and allow it to dry. Add spray adhesive and glitter to finish the magazine tree.

Paper Fans

  • Fold magazine pages into colorful Asian-style paper fans. Cut the pages out of a magazine and fold them accordion style to create a zig-zag folded pattern across the entire page. Compress the folds together on one side and fold them upward to secure the ends together. Expand the remaining length of the folds to spread out the top of the fan. Wrap a piece of tape around the compressed tip to keep it together. Hang the fans on a wall decoratively or use them to fan yourself on a hot day.

Colorful Envelopes

  • Turn decorative and vibrant magazine pages into useful envelopes to contain your homemade greeting cards or letters. Tear out the pages of a magazine and place a greeting card in the center of one page to use as a size template. Fold the top and bottom to meet each other over the card and crease the folds crisply with your finger. Fold the sides in toward the center as well. Open all of the folds and remove the card. Fold the bottom flap upward again. Apply glue to the inside of each side from top to bottom and fold them back inward along the crease of the original fold. This will glue the sides to the bottom flap as well, leaving a pocket to hold cards and letters. Place a card or letter inside and fold the top flap down to close the envelope. Use decorative stickers as envelope seals to hold the envelope shut.

Fashionable Coasters

  • Make some one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly coasters for your coffee table with magazines. Find photos and designs in magazines that you want to use for your coasters, rip the pages out and set them aside. Fold other less decorative pages into squares about 2 1/2 inches each. Stack the folded squares on top of each other in sets of four to create a thick base for your coasters. Fold a decorative page around each of the stacks like gifts. Carefully cover each coaster in clear packing tape to make it waterproof.

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