Can Beet Juice Sit Out Overnight?


Beet juice packs a powerful punch of vitamins and minerals. But the juice is only safe to drink if you store it correctly. Like all perishable foods, beet juice only keeps outside the refrigerator for two hours -- or one hour if the room temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Allowing beet juice to sit out all night on the counter may put your health at risk.

Raw Beet Juice

  • Unlike commercially prepared juices sold at the grocery store, freshly squeezed juice contains no preservatives and hasn't been pasteurized. This means the longer that beet juice sits at room temperature, the more susceptible it is to bacterial growth. One solution is to make no more beet juice than you can drink in one sitting, throwing out any left over. If you make too much, refrigerate the remaining beet juice in a clean container as soon as you make it.

Preparing the Container

  • A glass bottle with tight-fitting lid is suitable for storing excess beet juice in the refrigerator. To ensure the bottle is bacteria-free, wash it with soapy water and rinse well. After slipping on a pair of rubber gloves, add a few drops of household bleach to the bottle, tighten the lid and give it a shake. Rinse the bottle one more time to remove the bleach and add the beet juice. Refrigerate the juice.

Cold Storage Times

  • In an airtight container, beet juice keeps up to 48 hours in the refrigerator. After this time, it is no longer safe to drink and you should throw it out. In the freezer, beet juice remains safe to use indefinitely, although quality may begin to diminish after several months of storage. Pour the juice into an airtight plastic container, washed with soapy water and bleach. Leave about 1 inch of space for expansion before securing the lid.

Commercially Prepared Versions

  • Commercially prepared beet juices undergo a process called pasteurization, which uses high heat to kill bacteria before packaging. Once opened, the juice is again susceptible to bacterial contamination and cannot remain at room temperature for more than one to two hours. Like raw juices, commercially prepared beet juice should be refrigerated immediately and not left out overnight.

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