Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Strap Placement


Wearing a heart rate monitor during exercise can be an effective way to gauge and track data about your workout, including the intensity of the exercise and calories burned. The Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Soft Strap attaches directly to the user's body and transmits data to a compatible device, such as a watch or smartphone app. This provides the user with real-time data he can use throughout the workout to make decisions about whether to increase or decrease exertion levels.

Connecting the Monitor

  • Connect the heart rate monitor module to one end of the strap by snapping it in place. Then, wet both of the electrodes on the back of the Garmin heart rate monitor strap. This will help create a strong connection between the strap and your chest, allowing it to record and monitor your heart rate accurately.

Body Placement

  • The Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Strap is placed directly against the user's chest. The strap should be placed directly below the breastbone, with the Garmin logo facing upwards. It's also important for the strap to be tight enough to stay in place comfortably while exercising. Once it's in place, secure it by putting the hook on one end of the strap through the loop on the other end.

Keeping it Clean

  • To ensure your Garmin heart rate monitor strap works correctly, it's important to keep it clean. Wash the strap at least once every seven uses, following the instructions on the inside of the strap. It's important to note that while some straps are machine washable, they should never be placed in the dryer.


  • If the heart rate monitor doesn't seem to be working after placing it on your body, you may need to readjust or tighten the strap. First, make sure the strap is placed just underneath the breastbone. Then, tighten it until it feels snug. If the monitor is still not recording your heart rate, or seems to not be recording it correctly, try warming up for five to 10 minutes and trying again.

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