Sony Bravia & Comcast Conflicts


Bravia, Sony's line of high-definition liquid crystal display, or LCD, televisions, is designed to work with any and all cable and satellite providers, including Comcast. However, glitches within your system -- including conflicting settings, loose cables and incomplete software upgrades -- can affect the quality of the video, audio and features you see and hear on your screen.

Programming Your Remote

  • When you subscribe to cable service, Comcast leases you a set-top receiver box along with a universal remote. You can program the remote to operate not only your cable box, but other devices such as your television, DVD player or video game console. In order to get your Comcast remote to recognize your Sony Bravia TV, you must enter a four-digit PIN unique to the Sony line during the programming process. Sony has two four-digit PINs -- 0000 and 0111 -- either of which may work, depending on which Bravia model you own.

Adjusting Your Settings

  • A programming guide is a standard feature of Comcast's digital cable tier, but it's also a feature on Bravia TVs. In order to use the Bravia's built-in TV Guide, you must bypass your set-top receiver box and connect the coaxial cable carrying your cable signal directly to your TV's cable/antenna input port instead. If you'd rather use your Comcast programming guide, turn off your Bravia's TV Guide feature first -- otherwise your TV may make a clicking sound as the guide feature searches for a signal. Select the "TV" mode on your Comcast universal remote -- or press the Menu button on the remote that came with your Sony -- to turn off the guide feature inside the Settings menu.

Check Your Connections

  • Loose coaxial cable connections can lead to fuzzy video and distorted audio on your Bravia's screen, making it appear as if there's a conflict between the TV and your cable box. Troubleshoot this problem by inspecting any length of coaxial cable connected to your TV, receiver box or external cable box -- a device mounted on the exterior of your home or office by Comcast -- to make sure the wires are free from damage, including bent, frayed or sliced portions, which could degrade the signal. Also check that all connections are secure.

Cable Box Problems

  • Your set-top receiver box is the gatekeeper between your Sony Bravia TV and Comcast. This box is linked to your Comcast account, and ensures you receive all the channels and features for which you've paid, while blocking you from viewing those you haven't. From time to time, Comcast sends software and programming updates to you through your receiver box. If one of these updates isn't processed correctly, you may have problems with the quality of the sound and video broadcast on your TV, or you may not be able to access some of the features you've purchased. Force your receiver box to scan for the newest upgrades by rebooting it: unplug it for 30 seconds before reconnecting it to its power source.

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